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April 16, 2012

Just Music

I wish I could sing. And I always really wish I could sing when I leave concerts like IJM’s Just Music last Thursday. Seriously, the performers lined up were so talented. And they’re crazy nice too since they volunteered their time for us without really getting anything in return. Except free Chic-fil-a. Ok, so maybe that’s a fair trade off. You sing, we give you chicken. Anyway, this is the second year that UNC’s chapter of the International Justice Mission has had this event to raise money and awareness for human trafficking both at home and abroad. Such a great group of people helped pull this together and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of it. Here are a few pictures from the night!

The Clef Hangers! That girl in the bottom left of the last picture is smitten. Absolutely smitten.

Aaaand then we threw Chic-fil-a off the roof to an adoring crowd. Best finale ever.

October 13, 2011

the month i was a groupie

September was a very musical 30 days for yours truly. Not only did Paige and I manage to memorize the first verse of Stiletto (Pumps), but I also went to 3 amaaaaazing concerts. Seriously. If these fellas come within driving distance to you, a ticket must be purchased immediately.

Sept. 11: Steve Moakler/Andrew Ripp

I rarely call myself “the biggest fan” of anything since that’s a pretty bold claim. But I think I’m pretty accurate in saying that in the Pour House in Downtown Raleigh, I was Steve’s biggest fan. I shamelessly sang along with every single song to the bafflement of friends there who were like “how on earth do you know all the words?” I think Hil was probably a little embarrassed too. The icing on the cake was a quick chat with Steve himself after the show where he acknowledged my sing-along talents. We’re on our way to being best friends now.

Sept. 18: Mat Kearney/Leagues

Again, an amazing show with two very awesome performances. Alyssa characterized the lead singer of Leagues (seen below) as “that drunk uncle of yours singing karaoke.” Later we learned that he leads worship at Vintage 21. Oops…

At this point in the concert, it’s hard to describe Hilary’s behavior. For the 3 minutes that Mat came into the crowd and towards us, she completely lost control of her body and entered a state of manic hysteria. Actions included: lunging through the crowd, grabbing his arm (multiple times?), frantically yelling at me to take pictures and eventually running off with my camera to take 84 pictures of the last 20 minutes of his show. So proud that I live with her.

Sept. 30: Ten out of Tenn (Andrew Belle)

Sometime last spring I got an email from Noisetrade advertising a new free CD by this guy named Andrew Belle. Usually, I delete those emails with the intention of eventually checking it out, then nearly always forget. Not this time. Ohhhh man. Greatest decision ever. Andrew’s album was on repeat for months after I got it. Such amazing songwriting and a unique style that prompted me to quickly buy a ticket when I found out he’d be coming to Charlotte. After the 3-hour drive with the lovely Paige, I finally got to see him live with several other talented artists, many of whom I’d also heard of through Noisetrade. It was so cool to see how these 10 musicians from Tennessee (get the name?) all performed each other’s song and supported one another. Paige and I left wishing we were best friends with them all, and a little heartbroken upon learning that Andrew was engaged. Oh well. Anywho, an amazing concert nonetheless and I hope to see all these people again soon!

So much good music!

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