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February 24, 2012

26.2 miles later

This past weekend I ran a marathon with four amazing ladies.


Seriously, though, it was such a cool experience. And surprisingly fun! Anywho, here are some the pictures from our big day, which I obviously can’t take credit for, so many thanks to Jeff and Emory for documenting our race!

Our fantastic team of supporters. They ran last year’s marathon. Not really, but they’d like you to think that.

Sunrise! We got to watch it for the first few miles. So pretty. You guys know how I love a good sunrise.

Mile 11ish! First time we saw everyone. SO happy.

LOVE this picture of Rach and Papa Cooley.

This little bit was probably my favorite part of the whole race. Except for finishing. Running with my mama and Brendan around mile 19. So, so great.

Alison finished her first marathon in under 4 hours. #Impressed

Carolina girls…. best beefiest in the world.

Legitimately one of the greatest feelings ever. Joy. Relief. So glad I got to share this moment with Rach!

Post race!

So happy!

And then we all jumped in the ocean. It was flipping cold, but felt so good for some reason.

February 17, 2012

It’s a marathon

I took that picture almost a year ago after finishing my first half-marathon. What an amazing feeling. Seriously the greatest runner’s high ever. Once I finished it I knew I wanted to go just a little farther so tomorrow I’ll be running my first full marathon with Blair, Hilary, Alison and Rachel in Myrtle Beach. ¬†Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it! So, all this to say that if you happen to be awake anytime between about 6am and 11am, your prayers would be greatly appreciated! Some of our amazing friends (and my lovely mom!) are coming down to support us and cheer us on, so I know that’s what will really keep me going. I can’t wait for that feeling when I cross the finish line!

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