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March 24, 2011

my first wedding

Timing is everything I’m convinced. So when I was laying on the beach a couple weeks ago, only to look up and see a couple getting married I knew God had worked that timing out so perfectly. Fast forward about 20 minutes when their beach ceremony is done and I’m talking to the preacher as his wife snaps pictures of the newlyweds. Apparently the couple (Sarah and Jeremy) had eloped from Memphis all the way to good ‘ole North Myrtle Beach to get married and the husband-wife preacher-photographer combo were the only other people who knew that the two were married…. oh and me! So if you haven’t figured out why I went up to these complete strangers in the first places, then I’ll cut to the chase. I wanted to take their pictures! I was pretty sure the bride would never refuse extra photos, especially when they were free ninety-nine. After much prodding by Blair, Alyssa and Amy I made my move and voilĂ . I was beyond excited, guys. Seriously. I was so happy the rest of the day. My first shoot with a real married couple, not my friends pretending to be romantically involved. Hopefully Sarah and Jeremy will be the first of many!

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