Exciting things to come!

Guys. Life is good. But life is also crazy. And I mean oh-my-goodness-I-graduate-college-in-less-than-two-weeks-must-finish-school-ohhhhh-myyyy kind of crazy.  I have so much to share, but unfortunately finals and an exciting 15-page paper about exoticism in French revolutionary art has to be a priority for the next few days. God has blessed me beyond expectation, especially when it comes to photography. I’ve been taking tons of pictures lately! I can’t wait to post them, but for now I’ll leave you guys with a little teaser of things to come!

Lara Casey and her lovely family

Rachael’s Senior Portraits

Travis and Melissa’s Engagement Pictures

Senior Girls Tea Party

Golly I can’t wait to show the rest!


3 Comments to “Exciting things to come!”

  1. Emily, I am excited about every single one of these!
    Your photos make me so happy — they’re so “chapel-hilly.”

  2. Emily I’m legitimately excited about every single one of these. I love your photos — they’re all so “chapel hill-y”

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