Artist Tuesday: Eric Carle

Everybody recognizes loves the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I chose today’s artist for a couple of reasons, one being that Hil made a really cute craft based on Eric’s style of painting. She’s also one of his biggest fans. Second, because today was my last day of school- EVER! So weird. So, I thought that a children’s books illustrator and author would be fitting choice since I’m only 3 tests and a very large paper away from being an official grown-up. Crazyness! Anyway, here are a few of my favorites, so enjoy!

Sunflowers: my absolute favorite!

I wish I had pretzel as big as the sun to eat. #veryhungryemily


How I’ll feel tonight after eating my body weight in brownies at my last Bible study with Motown!

Summer is so close!

And a sweet little note by the man himself. He’s the coolest.


73 Responses to “Artist Tuesday: Eric Carle”

  1. It was one the books I read to my children. I loved it!
    Congratulations on your last final and being Freshly Pressed! This will truly be a huge day for you!

  2. Screw a pretzel as big as the sun…how about a head (and therefore, a brain) as big as the pretzel, which is as big as the sun!!!


    These are awesome. Congrats to you on your success — and on being Freshly Pressed. I think it’s a good omen about your future!

  3. Super cheerful art. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!
    Thanks for writing!
    Check me out at sometime!

  4. awesome pic’s like it very much…

  5. Love this! And I agree with my two friends above. You should be commended for Freshly Presssed. As Mikalee says–it bodes well for your future. As Susie indicated–it’s gonna be a big day! Congrats!

  6. Love the palm trees! That would actually even work as a fun art print on the wall. Amazing stuff!

  7. He is a very talented illustrator. I’m 27 and I remember the Very Hunger Caterpillar and the illustrations as clear as day, I love his work. Thank you for sharing.

  8. One of my favorite childhood books. I love his illustrations!

  9. I love reading my toddler’s Eric Carle books — they are a treat for the adults too! Polar bear, polar bear….

  10. A delightful post! And what a tribute to the illustrator!
    Congratulations on your graduation — and on being “Freshly Pressed.”
    Hope your future is as bright and happy as this artwork.

  11. Love Eric Carle – he is so creative! All the best books for children in our house have duct tape holding them together, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar is no exception.

  12. I loved these books growing up! It was great seeing a reminder on Freshly Pressed.

    Congratulations on being an “official grown-up”!

  13. Great artwork! I just bought my son Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? yesterday. Thanks and congrats on your final.

  14. This was one of my absolute favorite books as a kid. Great post!


  16. I loved Eric Carle when I was little. The pictures were very charming and so was the story lines.

  17. wow!!it was on the book,even i am also read it.

  18. Hi,

    Thank you for this post! I have always been a huge Eric Carle fan so seeing these pictures has really made me smile :) In fact, I posted about The Very Hungry Caterpillar today too… I painted him on my nails! If you want to see them, the post is here:

    Naomi x

  19. Eric Carle is one of the picture book folk on my latest blog. Where would the world be without The Very Hungry Caterpillar?
    Happy Pages,

  20. Wow thanks guys! Eric Carle is certainly fantastic so I’m glad you love him too!

  21. Love the note from the author – where did you find that! PS Very hungry caterpillar has been a favourite in our house for years too.

  22. LOVE! Made my day :)

  23. Very charming! Hope more ideas for children’s books pop up for you. So many stories waiting to be told and to be illustrated.

  24. I used the video of this story to teach reading to my pupils. They it very much.

  25. Eric Carle is absolutely amazing! I remember in grade 1 we did an art project that was influenced by his style.

  26. One of my favourites! Congrats on finishing school while continuing to embrace the innocence of childhood.

  27. Eric Carle has and always will be, my favorite children’s book author. My kids, my grandkids, their kids and grandkids, will all be reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” because I just absolutely loved it and him when I was a kid – I couldn’t NOT pass him on! Great posting :)

  28. Congrats on being freshly pressed! :D
    the sunflowers are my favourite too. XD

  29. Love this! My son remembered the pictures from his childhood. We love Eric Carle!

  30. Amazing book, and beautiful post.

  31. Absolutely love Eric Carle and can’t wait to read his books to my child!

  32. SO SO CUTE! I love the little note at the end from Mr. Carle! I love his books and I love this post! Thanks for posting :) It really took me back.

  33. We LOVE Eric Carle, including the Grouchy Ladybug! So cool that you got a note from him! I love to hear what inspired artists/authors. Congratulations on finishing!

  34. I am glad you posted about Eric Carle. I met him once at a Borders. I had to stand in line for a very long time but it was well worth it. Nice post!

  35. Wonderful post! I love Eric Carle’s artwork. The Hungry Caterpillar and The Lonely Firefly are two my my daughter and my favorite books to read at night.

  36. Love Eric Carle and his simple yet deep books.

  37. love Eric Carle, a favourite of my niece is Rooster Off to See the World

  38. Eric Carle…just brought back the memories…those beautiful illustrations!

  39. Reblogged this on 8BIT.

  40. I’m a big fan of Eric Carle’s art, too. So unique!

  41. like many others I grew up with the book of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, so nice to see the artwork again !


  42. Brought back many memories, a true calssic childrens book.

  43. Some great memories here, thanks so much for sharing :)

  44. ? “Oso pardo, Oso pardo, que ves ahi ?

  45. When I was pregnant I went out and bought a ton of Eric Carle’s books. Once my son was older, we passed them on to his cousin. His books are wonderful for kids. I love the colors. Great post :)

  46. beautiful illustrations! love it!

  47. Hi guys am new add me.

  48. I love Eric Carle!! He was my go to person when I was taking classes in Early Childhood!! Congrats to making freshly pressed and graduating!!


  49. Eric Carle’s style is very nice :-)

  50. Reblogged this on Under an Artichoke and commented:
    I like the end note about Carle discussing how his books are about hope, work, love and belonging. And of course the illos are just so reminiscent of childhood.

  51. The “Very hungry Caterpillar” is my favorite! I read it over, and over, and over again. Looking back on it now the illustrations are just lovely. Thanks for posting, and congrats on getting freshly pressed.

    “Where The Wild Things Are” was another favorite book of mine. Rest in peace Maurice Sendak.

  52. An absolutely beautiful post on a man who has taken my children and grandchildren through many bedtime rituals. A true ode–and mazel tov on being freshly pressed, so I could catch this lovely piece on a favorite children’s author.

  53. Eric Carle was my favorite author/artist in kindergarten. Wonderful memories! :)

  54. One of the few memories I have let of my very early childhood is the classic picture book “Very hungry Caterpillar”. Thanks for sharing this! Will you be sharing any other childhood picture books with us bloggers?

    • Hey! I might be sharing a few here and there if I like the illustrations, but I’ll mostly be sharing my photography. Thanks so much!

  55. I still have my copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar! When I was a kid I put a sticker of a popcorn bag on the book because I thought that maybe the caterpillar would like to eat that too. Eric Carle’s art is incredible and I’m happy to see that you’ve showcased a variety of his work!

  56. Nice post, especially the notes by Eric himself. Where did you come across those?

  57. Nice Arts and looking great.thanks for sharing.
    marg swarnabhoomi

  58. This post brought back all the great memories I had while reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was my favorite book when I was small. I actually went over to the library and reread the book. Thanks for sharing with us. By the way, could you go check out my blog?

  59. My children love Eric Carle’s books. We haven’t read the Very Quiet Cricket and the Very Lonely Firefly yet but they’re now on my radar for new books to read.

    Great post!

    Best regards,


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