Figure Eight Island

We arrived at the final stop of my spring break road trip adventure! I know, it’s taken two weeks to get these four posts together, but such is life. Figure Eight was beautiful. I mean, I’ve been to several NC beaches, and this one is in a league of its own. Altogether, it was the perfect way to end spring break Bike riding on the beach, lots of eating, lots of sleeping, climbing up on the roof. Wonderful…

I also relearned, if you will, one of the things that God’s been teaching me a lot over the last year. Worship. If you’ve ever wondered why I decided to pursue photography, it is in part because I just love it so much. But why I really love taking pictures is because for me it’s a form of worship. There are few times where I feel more in tune with the Lord than when I seeing His creation through my camera lens. So when I was feeling disconnected and frustrated towards the end of the week, I just went out on the beach and took pictures of the sunset. I love seeing our creator’s hands ta work and being able to capture that beauty in a photograph. I love trying to find the little details that I wouldn’t normally see unless I was trying to take a picture. I came back from the beach feeling totally refreshed. Amazing how a little time with God can do that, right? Anyway, these few from the beach are some of my favorite from the whole week, not because I think they’re especially excellent or anything, but because they remind of how creative our God is. Not only does He paint amazing sunsets and sunrises every day, but He created each one of us to see Him uniquely through our own eyes.

I also wore a flannel shirt for the first time ever and had to commemorate the moment.

Pazookie! We did this two nights in a row. Ice cream + half-baked cookie dough = gone in less than 2 minutes.

The last sunrise before heading back to Chapel Hill!


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