Sunny Florida

Seventy-five degrees…. and we still couldn’t go out on the beach. Dang wind. While we did manage to get a couple hours on the beach, Daytona Beach was far from what I expected. Crazy drunken college students all over the hotel? Yes. Obscure parks with monkey trails and the best pancakes? That I was not expecting. The few days Colleen, Kaylee and I spent in Florida were random to say the least. They began with free orange juice off the highway (not sketchy) and ended with the faintest of tan lines. A wonderful two days with a wonderful two girls.

All-you-can-eat, make-at-your-table pancakes. For $5. Yes please.

Hello. Welcome to the Florida tree, home to “several monkeys” and Old Methuselah, the 500-year-old cyprus tree.

Also, we had the most deliciously legitimate Mexican food. So good.

And my good ‘ole iPhone came in handy for the lovely sunset and a pesky seagull who tried to take my apple from me. Adventures!


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