Georgia (on my mind)

I need to go here again- soon. Shady oak trees and Spanish moss. Atlantic waters and lonely docks. Peaches and Chic-fil-a. The Georgia coast is a place after my own heart. And the fact that my few days there were spent with some of my greatest friends only makes it that much greater. Our time in Savannah and St. Simons was spent chasing sunrises, dreaming of chicken minis and planning our weddings, which will now all be at the little chapel at Epworth by the Sea. I wish I could go back right now, so don’t be surprised if you catch me scrolling through these pictures a lot. I already miss this place!

Downtown Savannah!

St. Simons!

Sunrise. Woah.

Fanciest country club ever.

How you should behave at the fanciest country club ever:

Epworth by the Sea!

All our yummy food: Chic-fil-a, seafood and the wonderful Wake Up Coffee Co!


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