Artist Tuesday: Carew Rice

I thought I’d give you a Southern favorite today, and a member of my family. I’ve loved Carew Rice for a long, long time. My grandmother has cups with his silhouettes on them and my mom and I always look for his pieces when we’re in Charleston. With just a pair of scissors and black paper, Carew cut out scenes of lowcountry life, anything from ‘coon hunting to going into town. While I’m not sure exactly what my relation is to him (great uncle? maybe great, great uncle?), I know my family has admired his work for years, and my mom even her silhouette done by him when she was a little girl. Thankfully, his legacy and art is being carried on by his son, Clay, so I’ll be sure to share some of his pieces with you soon!

And if you know me at all, you’ll be able to easily tell that this last one is my absolute favorite. We have it hanging in the hallway back home and I’ve loved it for years. And love truly is a grand thing, and something that seems to keep popping up around the Glendie— I had another beautiful roommate, Melissa, get engaged this weekend!!


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