Winter Adventures

A few things I love: friends, exploring, not having school. Wrap them up into one long weekend, and I am a happy, happy camper! A couple weeks ago I went up to Maryland with a bunch of really great people to spend some quality time with Brendan’s family and visit some of the fun cities nearby. We spent a day in DC (which you know I love) and Baltimore, then another day in Philadelphia. So much fun, so many of Mama Payne’s sugar cookies, so many tolls and so many pictures. Here are a few of my favorites!

Chasing pigeons via choreographed dance.

Playing ninja on the backside of the Lincoln Memorial. Nobody judged us.

Brendan’s artistic skill. So proud!

Museum donations!

Off to Philly, the place of my birth!

Reppin’ the J-School.

Favorit picture:

I ate my sandwich so fast, I never actually got a picture of it…. whoops!

Best way to start Christmas break and to celebrate being done with classes. I’ll be in ATL for Passion this week, but I’ll get back to blogging more regularly next week! Happy 2012!


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