The Coffee Crawl

If you know me, then you know how much I adore coffee. Little did I know that there is an entire population (mainly the people who actually brew that perfect cup) that not only love coffee, but appreciate it. This idea of finding flavors in coffee like wine is completely new to me. So, earlier this week I met up with my coffee-loving friend, Kelsey, and her barista pal, Curtis, to explore Raleigh coffee shops. Oh man. So much fun! Definitely went to a few places that I’ll be visiting again!

1. Jubala Village Coffee. I instantly loved Jubala because we knew people that worked there. And by “we” I really mean Kelsey and Curtis. Minor detail. Anyway, I did as the barista recommended and drank my French pressed coffee black, which is the complete opposite of how I normally drink it. Amazingly, I loved it that way, so thanks Jubala! They also had the most amazing waffles. Seriously. Those little white specks may look like sesame seeds, but they’re actually sugar. Yummm. I got cinnamon, but Kelsey was the winner with her banana/pear/cinnamon combo that was out of this world. Go to Jubala. You will love it.

2. Morning Times. Our second stop took us right into downtown Raleigh, which was great because I’ve never really explored that area before. I got some kind of maple latte, which was absolutely delicious and resulted in my favorite picture of the day (guess which one!). Curtis also decided to get what turned out to be the most intense biscuit sandwich any of us had ever seen. It was huge and very intimidating, but so delicious. I’ll definitely be getting one the next time I stop there.

3. Cafe Helios. Since the day was so beautiful, Helios was especially great because they have outdoor seating. I was a fan of my chocolate biscotti and macchiato, while Kelsey was in love with her root vegetable medley. Only she would get a snack like that on a coffee crawl.

4. Bull McCabes. The natural conclusion to any coffee crawl is beer. I loved this little pub. Reminded me of Ireland so much, especially since that had Magners/Bulmers, the amazing cider Katy and I fell in love with while we were over there. The three of us read from the old books lining the walls, devoured a basket of wings and finished out pints before calling it a (great) day.


2 Responses to “The Coffee Crawl”

  1. YES to black coffee (basically Americano) and to bookshelves upon bookshelves. Love it.

    Also, I know you’d enjoy this gift:


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