Thinking Visually

So this semester I took an Audio/Visual class in the J-school and it was the coolest! Not only did we get to watch really beautiful and powerful documentaries, but we got to try our hand at it as well. I’m still finishing up my final project on my fantastic friend, Katie, but until I can share that video, here’s the first one I made. Major props to Rachel’s camera- without it this video would be of a much poorer quality. Basically, we were given a bunch of words and had to illustrate them visually. Some of them were definitely a challenge, but I’m really happy with it came out! Here’s the list of words, so see if you can figure out which ones go with each clip!

Morning                    Laughter                           Friendship

Hot                           Cold                                  Creativity

Past                          Present                              Weird

Mystic                       Blue                                  Green

Loss                          4 AM                                 Faith

Light                         Childhood                         Old


2 Comments to “Thinking Visually”

  1. Just watched Melissa Kelly in her starring role. At 4 AM. In bed.
    Such a great actress.
    Love it.

  2. This is such a wonderful project! :) I love the concept of putting those words into something visual. Hmm! I may take this as a challenge for myself!

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