Painting up

So did anybody catch the UNC vs. Wisconsin game last week? If you did, then you may have noticed a familiar face on ESPN: mine! No big deal. One of my goal’s while at Carolina was to paint up and sit in the risers at a basketfall game. Apparently everyone else completed this must-do like the first week of college, but not me. My luck with the lottery is abysmal so I never get tickets BUT my fantastic friend Laura does. When she got her phase 1 tickets, she invited me to go with her and watch our beloved Tar Heels, who played mere feet from us. The rest is fairly self-explanatory through the many pictures I took, but sadly a lot of them are blurry. Oh well! I had such a great time with Laura, Jordan, Austin and the rest of the Dean Dome! One of the greatest games I’ve been to? Definitely.

There we are in the blue circle!

So those are some of my pictures, however, ESPN and WRAL snapped a few of us too!

Another fun fact I discovered this morning: we were on the front page of the Charlotte Observer!

Famous? I think yes.


2 Comments to “Painting up”

  1. hahaha Emily this is great! Even if it is a UNC related post… it is pretty cool. I started to freak out at first because in the first picture it looked like you had cut all of your hair off!

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