Kelsey & Jon • Engaged

Oh gosh these two are so cool. Kelsey has been one of my best friends since the first of college. We were next door neighbors in Kenan Dorm and now she’s that girl that lives across the hall. I’m sure she thinks I’m out of my mind about 95% of time, but she’s still stuck around for the last few years. Then she started dating Jon last year and suddenly we had this State boy around who would help wash our dishes and change the light bulbs. He’s won the Boyfriend of the Month award for about 10 months straight now. Impressive. Anyway, I’m so excited for them and their upcoming wedding. Love you both!


3 Responses to “Kelsey & Jon • Engaged”

  1. I love the last one on the bottom left! Go Pack! ;) Great pics, Nyc!

  2. These are INCREDIBLE. Well done and congrats to the ever-lovely Kelsey !!


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