Artist Tuesday: Gerhard Richter

So you how I’m in an art history class this semester which has covered a bunch of pretty odd artists and their pieces. Well, in class last Friday we looked at Gerhard Richter, and he is by far my favorite artist that we’ve covered so far. He paints photographs, which, given the state of the art world at the time could have several interpretations. Either he was saying, like many critics, that there was nothing left to paint. Everything that could be said with painting had been said already and new mediums (see previous post on this) had made painting obsolete. Or he was saying that painting is actually greater than photography in that it can bring more life to an image. Being an artist, he, of course, had to be super enigmatic and never really gave a straight answer as to what his purpose was behind his pieces. Regardless, I think he is so talented. I mean he’s able to paint traits, like depth of field, that are only characteristic of photography. What’s also crazy is that he does these super abstract paintings that are nothing like the ones below. Definitely my favorite artist that we’ve studied so far.

See more on his website!


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