So here is part two of Fall Break (part 1 being the State Fair), and yes, it is extremely late. But let me tell you, this was just the funnest trip ever. Before I get too far, I have to preface that I had never been legitimately camping before this little excursion. We tried when I was younger, but were evacuated after just a day because of forest fires. Total buzz kill. So you can imagine how excited I was to go camping in the Virginia mountains for a couple days. The main purpose of the trip (besides s’mores and campfire stories) was the Tough Mudder, a pretty intense 10-mile run with 25 obstacles. I think it was mostly an attempt by the guys to feel manly. I was content to stand on the sidelines cheering and taking a few  a lot of pictures. However, I think I might be doing one in the spring… any takers? Until then, here’s a rather long photo journey of our camping adventure, which rightly begins with Scott’s almost burned down the house baked potato…

The Mudders!


Love these beautiful fall colors at our little pit stop.

Six hours later (the drive should have been about 4) and we’re finally at our campsite. Looking pretty legit.

Sunrise. Magnificent.

The first step of the Tough Mudder was to obviously rip off their sleeves and turn them into headbands. Scott was forced to comply.

And they're off with Steve the pumpkin in hand!

I was so surprised the pumpkin made it through the first 11 obstacles.

Favorite face.

Lovely co-spectator

So dramatic.

Almost 4 hours later and they (and the pumpkin) survived!

Free post-race beer. Quality.

The end!


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