state fair

This post is pretty overdue considering I went State Fair about 2 weeks ago, but better late than never right? I love the fair. Seriously. LOVE it. This year it came at the most perfect time: right after a wave of 4 exams in 3 days and the start of Fall Break. I also went with a bunch of really great people, which made it even more fun. Hope these few photos bring back happy memories of the fair for you! (Not more E. coli if you’re one of those poor people)

Fried food

Chelsea and I went straight for the cookie dough (delicious), while Brendan opted for the banana pudding (disappointment).


That way all the grease in our stomachs feels especially unsettled.

Shooting games.

Next year, Jeff, next year.

The ferris wheel.

A classic.

And then our group grew. Impressive, right?

Krispy Kreme Burger.

No comment.

More wonderful people! Including, the lovely Katy, who always talks to me about this blog. Happy!


One Comment to “state fair”

  1. ahhhh I am FAMOUS! I never thought this day would come! Thank you, thank you very much!
    lame that I have been waiting for this post? nahhh.
    i just like bloggers.

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