the making of emily march photography

For most of my life I never really imagined myself as the type to start my own business. To be honest, I’m still amazed and surprised at how my life has unfolded and continues to change. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a photographer. It’s weird and a little scary to say that and have to own those characteristics. But, it’s true and so exciting!

At the end of the summer I began taking the steps towards owning my own business and it’s SO amazing to see how far God has brought it already. The people I’ve met and the opportunities I’ve been given are really exciting. I signed my first two brides within a week of each other. In a word, I was ecstatic. Here I am in my car afterwards, filled with joy and an inability to not take a picture of this moment:

Excited much? Ohhhh yeaa.

Anyway, with this new venture also comes a new website and blog. For everyone (Christie-Ray, Rachel, the girls I live with, basically all my friends) who have helped me and been patient with my constant “how does this look?” and anyone who has let me drag you somewhere and practice taking your picture, I cannot thank you enough. Your support and encouragement has meant SO much to me! So,  here are a few behind-the-scene pictures from the making of my business…

There were definitely a lot of trial runs as far as a logo goes. I don’t think I’ve ever written my name so many times! (Neither has Rachel either I’m sure)

But, I finally wrote it nicely one time where it didn’t look like a child’s handwriting, which made me so proud because I do not have cute handwriting. So, here’s the final product!

From this:  

To this:

Not to bad, eh? I’m a fan. Photoshop does magical things. I have this problem with getting tired of designs and style quickly, so hopefully I’ll like this for a while! And now for my favorite part: a new website! My old portfolio site was kind of dinky and not really what I wanted to look like, so I made a brand new one. I’m hoping it sends out that “I like taking pretty pictures” vibe that I’m going for. The models are all my beautiful friends, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself on it. Make sure to hop over to to see it!

Ta da! So excited to see where things go from here! I’ll have this blog follow suit soon enough, thus retiring A Glorious Diversion, but that won’t happen just yet. So many changes! And, I guess it goes without saying, if you ever want your picture taken, feel free to let me know!


2 Comments to “the making of emily march photography”

  1. How fun and exciting, Emily! The new website looks awesome!

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