the first of the lasts

Part of why I take so many pictures is because I am insanely sentimental. I’m a total pack rat because of it. I want to remember every little bit of every single event of my life, both great and small. It’s the reason for my stash of elementary school love notes and stack of scrapbooks. So, you better believe I’ll be sentimental towards my last year of college. Already I’m noting our “last this” and “last that.” It’s really kind of sad. Anyway, to begin, here are my favorite “lasts” from my first couple weeks of senior year…

1. Last first day of school. I don’t plan on doing any kind of post-grad education, so August 23rd was the last time I’d have a first day of class. I mean we can count the beginning of spring semester I suppose, but as far as the whole school year goes, that was it. Carolina tradition says that you should always take a sip from the Old Well on your first day of class. Apparently it’s supposed to get you straight A’s for the semester. I stopped believing that the first semester of my freshman year when I received my first two C’s. Ever. In my entire life. Yea, welcome to college. Here are some classic first day of school pictures…

First grade on the back step with JJ! Love the color coordination.

Fourth grade with JJ again. Solid combination of uniform plaid skirt and tennis shoes.

Seventh grade. I’m either drugged or terrified. Again, tennis shoes and a skirt. Middle school rocks.

Freshman year and junior year. Sorry, forgot to take a picture on my last first day! 2. Last Hoedown. I look forward to this every year. BBQ. Hushpuppies. Attempted square dancing. Really, I’m always excited about Cru’s annual hoedown. It’s more of a plug for freshman (sorry, first-years) I think, but I haven’t missed a single one. And I’ve only changed my outfit once. Impressive right? I haven’t worn cowboys boots, a Carolina wardrobe staple apparently, either. This year Hurricane Irene invaded our little party, which, for whatever reason, prompted us to sneak into the Chapel Ridge pool wearing all our country gear. Awesome.

There is no such thing as a normal group picture with us.

Kelsey workin’ the skirt, and Jeff reinventing the square dance?

3. Last first Cru. I’ve dedicated almost every Thursday of the last three years to Cornerstone, so you could say it’s been a pretty big part of my college experience. Thanks to Hilary and her cell phone photojournalism, we were able to capture just how emotional our last first Cru was:

4. Last birthday I’ll probably look forward to. I turned 21 last week and realized that every birthday after that one is basically considered aging. I’m not 20, I’m in my 20s. I feel so old. My parents will probably laugh at that statement, but seriously. Everyone is growing up! One of my best friends got engaged this weekend (the first of many), I’m starting a business, people are trying to figure out what they’re doing after graduation. Soon I’ll be out there, in the real world.

Melissa got me a pinata. A brilliant, dangerous and totally embarrassing gift. Give Emily a broom and let her swing it blindfolded at an owl filled with candy.

5. Last first football game. Not too emotional about this one since I can barely make it though the first half. Sorry, it’s just kind of a slow sport for my taste. Anyway, definitely an entertaining game (at least while I was there) because we were winning and JMU reversed their flag letters when they actually scored. Go JUM, go.

Oh how I love Carolina….


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