peace out summer

Today is the last day of summer break! Maybe even my last summer break ever. So weird. But it was such a great summer. Totally different than I expected, and I’ll treasure the adventure I’ve had over the last three months. Here are some of my favorite trips/happenings/shenanigans of summer 2k11!

1. The Glendie. We had a different crowd around the house this summer with Hil and Melissa having awesome times in Missouri and Hawaii. Our new roommate Shannon, who will be sticking around this year (!), may have put Becca to shame with all her baking. Seriously, so. many. muffins. And Alli was always had a smile on her face, even when her website was doing something strange. She’s certainly an honorary member of the Glendie and I’ll miss having her around!

2. The Grand Adventure. I already did a bunch of posts on my incredible excursion to Paris, Dublin, Cambridge, Prague, Rothenburg and Florence with the lovely Katy. But really, it was such an amazing two weeks and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to go back to Europe again!

3. Fourth of July in DC. What a fun weekend! Probably one of the best Independence Days I’ve seen. So good to visit Katy in her other city, while getting to make a few new friends. The Mall. Eastern Market. Breakfast. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of our capitol. Or Annapolis for that matter.

4. Boone Weekend. Oh man, I love Carie. A weekend spent with her in the misty Appalachian Mountains is a weekend very well spent. So much good food and quality time. I miss her so much and can’t wait to skype her all the time while she’s off in Montpellier over the next year!

5. Caribou Coffee. Guys it’s probably embarrassing how much time I spent here on a weekly basis. You know those “Buy 9 coffees, get the 10th free” cards? Yea, I filled two or something. I’d get out of class or finish early at Southern Weddings and head over for an iced coffee and a chance to check something off my reading list.

6. Books. The 4 to 7 hours I’d spend at Caribou every other day or so was almost always spent on reading the Harry Potter series. Good news everyone: I finished them! I may not have opened a single book until I was 20, but better late than never, right? I was about halfway through the 5th book when the movie came out. I knew it was my last chance to dress like a fool for a midnight premiere, so I joined some fine ladies in dressing like a flock of owls. Classy. Aside from Mistah Pottah, I read Wild at Heart and Water for Elephants. Loved them both and I highly recommend them. I also read the first two chapters from both The Help and The Kite Runner, then senior year started. Whoops.

7. Twelve Hours at Wrightsville Beach. Seriously one of the funniest days ever. What happens when you let three of the most indecisive people ever go on a day trip to the beach? They end up there until after midnight playing in the rain. This day will always be one of my favorite memories of college and I’m so glad I shared with was such amazing and silly friends!

8. Lake Lovin’. This technically was at the beginning of the summer, but this list is in no particular order, so it works. Becca has a great lake house at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, which is the perfect place to kick off summer and senior year slash celebrate Blair’s birthday with all our friends.

Favorite pictures of the trip:

I’d say it was a pretty great summer :)


One Comment to “peace out summer”

  1. love this post — and the commentaries with each event. Probs because I’ve heard the in-person version of each of these stories…hah! You forgot the part about DC where we drove 4.5 hours together and had to drop you of fON CAMPUS!!

    You’re so adventurous. :)

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