on being vegan

Fact: I am a vegan.

Fact: That statement is not entirely true.

Paige moved into the house maybe two weeks ago and the two of us have quickly realized that we are the same person. Given my exceptionally unique personality and charm, I never thought this possible, but alas being with her is like having a (ginger) twin. So when one of us thought being a vegan wouldn’t be too bad, we both dove right on in.

Now, I’m not cutting all meat and animal by-products from my diet for political/ethical/religious reasons or anything. It’s more or less a challenge and slight competition with Paige to see who is a “better” vegan (me, obviously). And let me just say that in our world of veganism, froyo is totally acceptable. You didn’t actually think I’d give up YoPo and Orange Leaf did you? Please…. 

Anyway, we’re following a very, very loose form of of the diet. For instance, when I go on the Cru leadership retreat this week I will eat that Smithfield’s BBQ they get every year. It’s delicious, and I already paid for it. My birthday comes up at the end of the month, and I will eat whatever I want on that day. There are more exceptions, but I’ll spare you from how much we’re actually cheating.

And let me tell you, cutting out all animal by-products is tough. Here are some challenges that have arisen in the 48 hours that I’ve been a vegan:

-Milk. I love milk. I will have it no more. Almond milk. Vile. Soy milk. Still not regular milk.

-Guiltless brownie mix from Trader Joe’s. Don’t worry, bought this to mix with soy yogurt instead of the directioned fat free yogurt. The mix has egg whites in it. Dying.

-Chocolate. Apparently, almost all chocolate has milk in it? I’m ignoring this. If it’s dark, it’s vegan.

-Cheese. I love cheese. I mean I love cheese. I’m sorry, soy cheese is not feta. This is a sacrifice indeed.

-Eggs. I recently learned that I am an extremely talented omelette-flipper. I’ll just have to withhold this talent for the time being.

-Frozen Yogurt. Oh wait, I’m still eating this. Never mind.

Notice how the majority of my concerns are in the dessert genre. This should give you a clue as to what I eat on a regular basis

Last night Paige and I made vegan brownies. You see that 1 cup of oil in there? Oh yea, that batter was greasy. It came out of the bowl as one mass, no spatula necessary. Overall, our verdict was favorable when they’re warm. I still like regular brownies best, made with butter and eggs with a huge glass of milk. But I like a challenge, so this will be fun… right?

Don’t we just look vegan? This’ll be a piece of cake. Cake without butter or eggs, that is.


3 Comments to “on being vegan”

  1. Oooh, fun. This blog has a billion delicious vegan recipes, not to mention the author is hilarious and awesome. I think you will like it! –> http://peasandthankyou.com/

  2. Sweetie,
    Hope you don’t have a headache from falling off the wagon all the time..luv you… Mean it!

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