12 hours at the beach

One of my favorite parts of summer, like most people, is going to the beach. Salty air, freckled faces, tanned skin that undoubtedly came after several rounds of sunburn. So when it was the end of July and I still hadn’t been to the beach yet, you can believe I was craving it pretty bad. So, last week I took a semi-spontaneous trip to Wrightsville Beach with Paige and Alyssa. Mind you, this was not my first attempt at a beach trip (see attempt no. 1 below). However, Paige, Alyssa and I gave it another go the next day (sad that Alli couldn’t join us!) and left for Wrightsville Beach with no pre-determined return time. Come home at the end of the day? Stay with a TBD friend? Cram in the car? Sleep on the beach? All options were completely viable, and with this spontaneous air to the day, we had an amazing time.

Attempt No. 1: Sad Failure

I think that pretty well explains why we didn’t make it to Wrightsville that day. We actually only made it 3 exits down the highway.

R.I.P. Alli’s car

Attempt No. 2: Enormous success

We decided an appropriate companion on our little excursion was Clyde, the Borough’s house rooster. Not only did he garner much attention from passersby who were confused as to why a rooster statue was on the beach, but also from an entire flock of seagulls, who were clearly jealous of his bow tie and majestic good looks.

This sweet and tender engagement shot of Paige and I will be a certain addition to our framed pictures, especially since she’s moving into the Glendie today!

And so begins our downtown Wilmington dinner and Alyssa’s modeling….

I had you thinking she was normal there for a second, didn’t I? Think again…

Paige was also my muse… and fellow photog.

Gosh, such pretty and strange friends.

So around this time we headed back to Wrightsville with the task of finding a motel. Should that not work out we’d just sleep on the beach or in the car. Well, our ages wouldn’t really permit the former (you apparently have to be 25 to get a hotel room. lame) and the weather didn’t really permit the latter. So, we decided to run amuck on the beach (which in some instance could have gotten us charged with public indecency, if you catch my drift) in the oncoming storm before heading home. But only a few minutes down the road and an intense amount of rain later, we thought it best to pull over and wait out the storm since, let’s be honest, Alyssa is already a terrifying driver (i.e. driving on the wrong side of the median). Naturally, we immediately got out of the car and began dancing/playing/frolicking in the downpour. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done this.

An hour later and soaked to the bone, we piled back into the car and made the 2 1/2 hour journey home. When Lys and I were talking about our little adventure, we decided it was a very “collegey” thing to do. To go somewhere on little more than a whim and a play-it-by-ear mindset in regards to where we’ll be sleeping. One more more reason I’ll probably never fully grown up.


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