Rothenburg is the epitome of a quaint European town. Mind you, it’s got its fair share of tourists, but with such beautiful landscapes and cute winding streets, you can’t blame the masses for wanting to visit. Katy and I only had one full day in Rothenburg, which was a bit sad, but we definitely made the most of it. I had been to Germany before, so it was great to see a different part of the country. Last summer I visited the mountainy area of Bavaria, really close to Austria. But Rothenburg is a bit more inside the country, surrounded by rolling hills, the Tauber River and fields ideal for frolicking. Our 24ish hours in Rothenburg can definitely go down as one of the best days ever.

Breakfast: Walnuss Schneke and coffee. I forgot how much I loved the German language.

Hello cutest town entrance ever.

Our bike-riding adventure! Katy clearly never learned anything from Oregon Trail and attempted to ford the river.

The river won.

Seriously, the most amazing sandwich I’ve ever had.

Playing with/creeping on the German children.

Katy’s awesome German hat.

Cue prancing.

I cannot get over this picture of Katy. Beautiful.

I still laugh every time I see this. Moooo


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