a capitol fourth

Well yes I suppose this is a bit late since Independence Day was two weeks ago, and, thus old news. But I have an excuse: summer school. Really that has nothing to do with why this took me forever to post, but I like blaming everything on the fact that I have class in July. It’s terrible. Anyway, like I said in this post, DC is such a fun city, and I had a great time visiting Katy there last summer. This year we had even more adventures, which were all captured my new baby: a Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens. For some that’s a foreign language, but for those equally obsessed with cameras/photography, you understand my joy. Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend!

We drank so much good coffee. I’ll refrain from putting up all of my coffee pictures. There’s a lot of them….

Eastern Market. Loved it here last year, even more excited to go back this year. So many yummy fruits for sale and cute coffee shops line its main street. I belong there.

Annapolis! I went to this little harbor town when I was little and have been dying to go back for years. I could easily live here. Close to a big city. Small town feel. Boats and sailing. Navy boys. Need I say more?

Katy is easily the cleanest eater I’ve ever met.

Remix from Georgetown Cupcakes last year!

Creeping on the Navy plebes (first-years).

The most intense torrential rain began right after we paid for dinner, so we stuck around and got some (free) coffee while watching it from upstairs. The definition of cozy.

An American feast (courtesy of Trader Joe’s) on the Capitol Lawn for the Fourth!

Identical to a Navy nurse, right? Don’t worry. Her and Katy matched.

I cannot get over this guy. What a catch…


3 Responses to “a capitol fourth”

  1. You’re getting seriously good at this whole photography thing Em


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