I have never been to a place quite like Prague. This is a city to get lost in, to wander its streets until you find something really amazing. Katy and I did a lot of exploring, mostly because we were rather clueless as to the sites to see. The Astronomical Clock? Ok. Lennon Wall? Oh yea. The Castle? YES. We even tagged along in a random zombie walk purely out of curiosity. Prague was beautiful and different in so many ways. Dramatic architecture, multicolored buildings, towers, spires, bridges. I loved it.

We were HUGE fans of the Czech language and pathetically struggled at nearly every restaurant we went to. However, some words quickly won our affection, such as “dezerty” and “suvenyry”.

I think we were at the Lennon Wall for close to two hours. Seriously. We had a little photo shoot, and the Europeans judged us big time for self-timer jumping pictures. What else is new? We made our marks on the wall in a variety of ways, from signatures to completing the lyrics to a 3LW song. And yes, that man below was completely serious. I wish you could see his face a little better because yours truly had to contain her hysterical laughter so as not to attract his fierce gaze.

And naturally I had to take a couple reflection pictures…

Prague, like many cities, is known for its abundance of pubs. In an effort to embrace the culture, Katy and I created our own personalized pub crawl, which began with blueberry pie and desert wine, then ended with making some Finnish friends who kindly paid for our drinks. A very successful night indeed.

Katy and I naturally came across many struggles during our adventure, but none more embarrassing than our complete lack of awareness at Prague Castle. We wandered around for nearly an hour trying to find the castle before realizing we were already inside the castle complex.  Apparently the castle towers we were trying in vain to find were actually the spires of a cathedral.

Honestly I haven’t the slightest clue what this little pastry was. Still don’t. BUT it was awesome. And Katy sank into a food coma at our table immediately after helping me devour it.

What a beautiful city…

More pictures here!


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