Ah today I leave for my first summer adventure: DC! The Lovely Katy is such a hotshot, interning with Nat Geo, and, per tradition, I must visit her. Conveniently, this weekend happens to be Independence Day, so I’m pretty excited to see the incredible fireworks show that I haven’t seen since I was about 7. Not to mention, exploring our nation’s capitol even more than we did last year! Here are a few highlights from DC 2k10!

Jazz in the National Gallery Sculpture Gardens. Live music. Sangria. Sunset. Could you ask for more?

This particular batch of (over-priced) guacamole was especially delicious, and I would certainly not be opposed to repeating our visit to this random Mexican restaurant. My roommates are probably laughing at me for this because I LOVE Mexican food and literally all of my dinners somehow include a tortilla or a side of guac. And definitely cheese.

Georgetown.  By far my favorite spot in DC. I could wander here for hours.

Georgetown Cupcakes. Ohhhh man. YUM. You see that lava fudge up in the left? Yea, it was amazing.

Eastern Market. Probably my other  favorite area in DC. If you’re ever hungry, go here. They have loads of fresh produce, bakeries and cute little cafes that beg to have a good book read in them.

Julia Child’s kitchen. Katy and I were here for literally 45 minutes, squealing like little girls about Julia’s copper pots. I skipped the rest of the National History Museum so that I’d have adequate time to obessess and rave about how wonderful Ms. Child was.

Hope ya’ll have a great Fourth of July!

God Bless ‘Merica.


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