artist tuesday: henri matisse

Ahhh Matisse. So colorful, which is why I chose him. Don’t you think summer is the most colorful season? Bright beach towels, sun dresses, thriving gardens. I love it. Anyway, Matisse is among the early 20th century Fauvists, a group of early Modern artists who valued color and abstraction over realism. Unfortunately, this movements only lasted a few years, but in that time Matisse (among others) created some of today’s most influential and famous pieces. My favorite aspect of his works are the kind of finger painting quality to them. I also think Matisse is really interesting because of how his style shifted and changed throughout his career. Some of early paintings are so much more realistic that you’d think that someone else made them. And his final years produced pieces that were much more modern than these below. Anyway, I’ve chosen my favorites from his Fauvist years, and while they may not be his most recognizable pieces, I simply love them!

Open Window, Collioure, 1905

Landscape at Collioure, 1905

Sea at Collioure, 1906

La Moulade, 1905

Luxembourg Gardens, 1901

Luxe, Calme et Volupté, 1905


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