glitter nail polish

Do you remember your New Years Resolution? If you don’t then, well, you’re a failure. (Just kidding) And if you do, then you’re wondering why you haven’t thought of it since January 3rd. Well, ladies and gentlemen, yours truly has done a brilliant job of keeping her 2011 New Years Resolution.  Most people commit to drinking more water, exercising 3 times a week or reading the entire Harry Potter series. Not me.

I decided to wear glitter nail polish for 12 months. And I haven’t missed a day.

Originally, there was no grand motive or plan behind it. I wore it for New Years because it fit the general sparkliness of the holiday, but I was still diggin’ it by the end of the month.  I was just kind of curious to see if I could stand a) wearing nail polish for a whole year and b) the same color at that.

Now, I found this nail polish over Christmas break at home. It was in a box containing an array of colored nail polishes and enough ice blue eye shadow to make over an entire Barbie Army. Yes, it was my box of girly hair and makeup things from elementary and middle school. Mind you, hardly any of it was used since my mom would never let me out of the house with caked-on makeup (my hair was a different story- see below).  But I played dress up with the girls and, well, you can’t be a princess without covering your face in roll-on sparkles, am I right?

Anyway, this little bottle of gold glitter nail polish had been sitting in that box since about the 2nd grade. I can’t honestly remember wearing it, but I’m sure I used at slumber parties and such. Finding it was definitely one of those moments when I just had a rush of memories from when I was little. Well, over the last 5 months this nail polish has grown to be a kind of reminder, if you will. At heart I’ll always be 7 years old. I honestly still want to play in the mud because I never did when I was little (any takers?) and I will almost always go to town on a playground if one is anywhere near me. I play with my food and act silly 90% of the time.

Sometimes it’s really easy to lose sight of our childlike joy and carefree disposition as we get older. We get so overwhelmed with school and work and our plans for the future that we forget to just enjoy life. God didn’t call us to lead stressed out, worry-filled lives. He called us to love and to come to him as his children. To cast our burdens on him and embrace the grace He’s given to us freely. How easily we forget that!  Sometimes I catch myself feeling like my future seems too daunting. Graduating, starting a business, life. It’s all so big and really, it’s better that way. If I had control of everything what are the chances that I’d actually do things right? I’d so much rather let God take care of that.

Remember the trust we had as kids? I always knew my parents loved me. Even when I didn’t like what they did or didn’t do, I knew deep down that they loved me. I never questioned it. And while I know I’m so blessed to have a great family, why don’t we trust God like this? I mean Jesus even tells us to become children (Matt. 18:3), to have childlike faith. And God even loves us like a father. What a beautiful, beautiful relationship. It still baffles me why I lose faith when I’ve seen Him come through in the hardest situations. I mean, really. Why? It’s so dumb to think that my problems are too big for the guy that created everything I see and more.

Who knew that something as silly as glitter nail polish could remind me of this?

Oh, and (belated) happy Fathers’ Day! Don’t even try to argue, I’ve got the best dad around. Although, I suppose I’m rather biased. Regardless, you know a dad is cool when he wears shades like this:

When he allows me to treat him like this – 20 years later:

And when he lets his only begotten go to Africa alone and spend 5 months in a country filled with leering Italian men:

Love you, Dad!


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