I was talking with Bennett the other day about how much we LOVE to see the world. Somehow the most recent place we’ve been too is always our favorite. Mostly because you recognize what’s really different about that place (compared to other places) and fall in love with that uniqueness. Well, Ireland is not the most recent place I’ve been, but man it really got my heart! I’ve never been to a place (except the South, of course) where the people are so friendly, outgoing and helpful. Like, really wanted to help you out, even if  you didn’t ask for it and knew exactly where you were. It was wonderful and we met so many great people, from chatty police officers to a Irishman serenading us with James Taylor. Altogether an amazing, amazing place.

No big deal. Just the Queen of England.

Greatest breakfast everrrrr

The home of Guinness.

Wandering around Dublin...

The library at Trinity College. I'd like this in my home someday. Totally possible.

One of my favorites

One of many cool pubs

So, that was Day 1. Jam packed, I know. On our second day we took a little bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher and down the western coast of Ireland. Absolutely stunning. So much green. If you’re a frollicker (like me) then this would be your paradise.

Dunguaire Castle

Attempted self-portrait with with castle

Seriously guys. So. many. sheep. I loved it.

You see what I mean about the frolicking?

Here we are at this historical monument, where Katy and I act like fools...

And so begins scarf dance.

(It was around this point on the bus tour that our fellow tourists began judging us.)

And then we can to literally the most incredible place I’ve ever seen. Pictures don’t do justice, but the Cliffs of Moher were incredible… and a bit windy!

And then it rained...

Claddagh Ring :)

And then we were late to the bus.

After this amazing site, our last stop was at the “Cliffs of Less”, appropriately named by Katy and I. This place was literally the windiest place I’ve ever been to in my entire life.

Now you see why I love Ireland so much, right?


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