Paris is one of my favorite cities. If you haven’t been, then put it at the top of your list. It’s popular for a reason, and that reason is because it is a truly beautiful place. The architecture, the food, everything seems to beg to have its picture taken. So, naturally I did! Here are some of my favorites ….

The wonderful flea market (“Le Puces”) we visited my first day had so many great little trinkets. I loved it. Those cameras below taunted me. I adore old cameras, but, alas, perhaps another day I’ll own one. I did get a really pretty beaded flower though so it can be deemed a successful market trip.

"I love you" wall!

So way back when, on my first Artist Tuesday, I highlighted a man who has forever captured my heart with his paintings. I cannot begin to express how thrilled I was to visit the garden and water lily pond in Giverny that inspired Monet to created some of his greatest works. What a beautiful place.  It was so cool to take in the same views Monet did and recognize the light and reflections that have made his masterpieces legendary. Minus the hoard of tourists, this place was flawless.

View from Monet's house

So last summer when I was in Paris backpacking, Melissa and I did a little day trip to Versailles. Katy loved Versailles, so it was definitely due another visit before she had to head home. Highlights from our excursion include the fanciness of Marie Antoinette’s estates, the activity and joy of her farm (see smiling goat below) and the unique and humorous experience of rowing a boat on the Grand Canal. So many challenges involved that that last one…

Marie Antoinette's secret cave!

Greatest moment of my life.

A must-do in Paris is climbing the Eiffel Tower. Katy lived in Paris for 5 months and didn’t get around to this Top 10 until her second to last day, which turned out brilliantly for me since I had never been to the very top of the tower, only to the second level. Oh. man. What a view! We stayed to watch the sunset with people drinking 15-euro glasses of champagne. Definitely a beautiful experience, despite the extreme cold and winds!

One of the best cups of hot chocolate in the world can be found at Angelina. I urge you to go there as soon as possible.

Farewell, Paris! You are a marvelous city!


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