Well, the adventure was spectacular! Really, I don’t even know how to explain how much fun Katy and I had traveling around together. We saw so many incredible places and met a ton of truly great people. There is no way to do justice to everything we did over a simple blog post, but I will certainly try! So, here’s my strategy: a post for each place. I think that works right? It will definitely be told via pictures, considering I took somewhere over 2000 in the time I was over there. (You didn’t expect any less, did you?) Anyway, once I get all my photos together and organized I’ll put them up, but for now here’s a little preview!




Czech Republic



What a grand adventure indeed… and here’s a picture of a smiling goat as well.


One Comment to “stateside”

  1. Em! These are such great pictures! I can’t wait to see more! And can’t wait til you come home (the glendie)! :)

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