junior year wrap-up

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! I say that every year, but I’m pretty sure time is speeding up. Anyway, junior year was crazy to say the least, but I loved it.  It has certainly had its share of highs and lows, but God has taught me so much through everything.  So, in no particular order, are my favorite moments from my third year at UNC.

The Glendie. The girls I live with are AWESOME. Really. I’m truly blessed to have them in my life and just down the hall.  Dorm life and house life are so completely different- I love the latter more without a doubt.  I cannot count the number of times I have cried from laughing so hard at something that’s happened one random night at home.  Melissa too, for that matter.  Whether it was The Infestation (Part I and Part II) or our frequent dance parties, life in the Glendie was wonderful, and I’m so excited about living with these girls (and a couple new additions!) our senior year!

Hil's 21st! We played in the pouring rain, of course.

There was a 2-week period where a terribly sketch vehicle was parked in front of our house. Not ok.

Remember the days of Kenan Community?

The candy jar and Hilary’s bed, where I spent a lot of time.


Photo shoots. This year was a year for picture-taking to be sure! I think I took about 2000 pictures last fall? I’m not obsessed or anything.  Anyway, you most of the portraits I’ve taken recently, but here are a few of my favorites!



The wonderful Colborn family

Lovely Wendy

Battle Forest & pretty friends

If you ever want me to take your picture let me know! e.nycum@gmail.com

Fall Retreat. I always look forward to this weekend every year.  Such a nice escape from school.  Plus, it’s really picturesque, so you-know-who always comes back with several hundred pictures.  This year I actually slept outside in a friend’s hammock. Now, I’m usually a stomach-sleeper so I didn’t last very long to be completely honest!  Fun weekend though.

The Best Day Ever. See my other post about how truly spectacular this day was.

Dismal Swamp Stomp. Still can’t get over how fun that was! I haven’t run in quite some time, but I’m still planning on getting my miles up next fall! See you at the OBX half in November?

Frozen Yogurt. I cannot count the number of times I have been to YoPo and Orange Leaf this year. It’s kind of absurd. My favorites: vanilla/chocolate with gummi bears or snicker doodle cookie dough with golden grahams. The highlight of all YoPo visits would have to be when Hil wiped out running across Franklin St.  Never laughed so hard in my life.

Motown Ladies. I love these girls. Straight up. They are awesome, and it was such a privilege for me, Hil and Ben to lead them every week. Plus, we make amazing music videos together. Can’t wait for next year!

Fall Retreat! And notice Hilary's weird arm. Gross.

Behind the scenes of "Only Girl in the World". Get it Laura!

North Myrt and SB2K11. The few days I spent with Amy, Blair and Alyssa at the beach were wonderful. Completely restful and filled with funny moments including, but limited to: tying small Barbie dolls to my car, running into the freezing ocean, sneaking into private resort pools, playing Twister on the beach, interesting dinner at Senior Frogs, general spectacles around Blair’s beach house.

So happy.

Love you guys!

New York. Such a fun weekend making new friends and “contacts.” It was great to go to a big city, something I had missed for a while.  Definitely a learning experience and I loved it!

Holi Moli. This was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. It literally took me a week to get all the color out of my hair, but it was totally worth the awesome experience.

Southern Weddings Magazine. I absolutely loved interning with Lara Casey this semester. If you ever need a pep talk, check out her blog or the Making Things Happen blog. She is seriously one of the most encouraging people I’ve eve met. Working with her event planning group and the magazine really made me confident in what I want to do.  I love weddings, I love photography, so why not take pictures of brides? Duh! She’s really helped give me the confidence that I can break into this industry and do excellently.  I’m excited to stick around this summer!


Great music. I also had the opportunity to go see some really awesome concerts. Mary and I even drove 3 hours to Charlotte in one night to see Needtobreathe! Totally worth it. And the Avett Brothers were a great close to 2010. Here’s the line-up!

Drew and Ellie Holcomb (2 times!)

Dave Barnes!

The Avett Brothers!

Not pictured: Needtobreathe (2 times holla), Brooke Fraser, Cary Brothers. Awesome concerts.

Oh yea, and that one time we beat Dook and rushed Franklin St….

This was their method of getting us off the street. Real mature Chapel Hill. Only took them four tries.

My junior year at Chapel Hill was awesome to say the least. These pictures and moments are only a glimpse.  I truly am blessed to be a Tar Heel!


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