almost summer

Two finals

Three smallish papers

One large business plan to edit

More editing…

These are what stand between me and summer 2k11, Europe excursions with Katy and general freedom.

Anyway, enough complaining.  It’s been gloriously warm- my favorite part of this time of year. Warm, not smolderingly humid and hot. Although, I’d take the latter before cold weather any day.  I was home for Easter weekend (which already seems like ages ago) and since it was so nice outside we took a little stroll around Reynolda Gardens.  My mom LOVES flowers, little miss master gardener.  It was so beautiful and just about everything was in bloom too.  If you haven’t been, then you must go soon because it’s such a pretty and peaceful place.   Definitely a hotspot for engagement pictures.  While I haven’t had a photoshoot or anything there (yet!) here’s a few pictures of some lovely flowers to brighten your day! Especially those of you in Davis Library…. with me….. right now….. and for the rest of the night.

Mom looking into the greenhouse. Isn't she cute?

“Earth laughs in flowers.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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