artist tuesday: roman imperial portraits

Sounds exciting right? Well I have to find a way to may these marble busts thrilling by Thursday at 9:30 a.m. because that’s when my 10-page paper is due.  I’m writing on the portraits of the famed lunatic ruler Caligula. Ya’ll this guy was caaahhhraaazzzyyyy. Seriously. He got bored at a gladiator fight and randomly decided to toss a section of the crowd into the arena and watch them be eaten by animals. Really? I’m so glad I wasn’t in Rome during his reign! Anyway, I’m writing about the messages sent through his imperial portrait and the resulting “damnation memoriae” (damnation of memory) after he was assassinated. People basically went around destroying his image or recarving them into more acceptable emperors. So, here he is, the brutal Caligula and few others!

The Emperor Caligula (Pursed lips and slight turn of his head reveal his cruelty and vanity according to The MET.)

A portrait of Caligula recarved to look like Augustus, his ancestor and the founder of the Roman Empire.

I know you’re jealous that I am lucky enough to write a paper on these guys, aren’t you?


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