gone to greece in my mind

Spring Break 2011 is here …. finally! Still have homework due during break, though. LAME. In any case, I’m looking forward to this Saturday’s Dook game and meeting up with the fam in Orlando where I will revert to a childlike state amidst all the theme parks. All this spring break excitement and the wee taste of spring (that came and went very quickly) has got me feeling somewhat reminiscent so I have returned to my usual procrastination: browsing through my pictures from last spring. Oh man.  It’s dangerous.  And over the past few days I’ve been especially drawn to Spring Break 2k10 in Greece.  I cannot describe how incredible those 9 days were.  Easily the best spring break ever.  It was a blissful 75 degrees, even though everyone told us it’d be rainy, cold and miserable and I with three amazing girl/future Glendie housemates, Hilary, Melissa and Becca.  We were blessed with perfect weather the entire week, not to mention informative Rick Steves videos about the Greek isles circa 1994 courtesy of my mom.

Hil and I were really big fans of the Greek guards. And their pom-pom shoes.

Oh hey there, Santorini

Mint Milanos. On the beach. In Greece. Best moment of my life.

Exploring Santorini via ATVs.  So many incredible views and near-death experiences.  Awesome.

Among the top moments of 2010 fo sho.

Glendies in Greece! Without a doubt one of my favorite pictures from the whole week. Get it self-timer.

Welcome to Drios Village, Paros. Population: 80..... Our own bit of deserted paradise, so naturally we had a family-style photo shoot.

Working the cardigans. Getting out of hand.

Do not be alarmed if you find this as the default photo for any picture frame.

In case you can’t tell, I had and unbelievable time in Greece. Seriously. I came back declaring it as my favorite country, despite the riots that miraculously didn’t affect us at all.  I was so obsessed with this beautiful country that I couldn’t decide on a desktop background so I just made this collage.  It remained my background for quite some time.  No shame on creating it or staring at it for long periods of time.


If you want to know more about my awesome spring break in Greece click here!


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