guilty pleasure confession.

Every Monday night Hilary and I have a little tradition.

We watch The Bachelor and Pretty Little Liars together.

This is almost always done instead of or while completing some kind of major school assignment or studying for that quickly approaching treacherous midterm.

We have no shame despite that fact that most (if not all) of our roommates hardcore judge us for watching TV shows that have absolutely no substance or educational benefit and loving a fictional English teacher who has an inappropriate relationship with a student.

In case you’re out of the loop with these two excellent time-waster, here’s a quick summary:

Also known as, “Hey I’m really good-looking, but I still need a camera crew and teleprompter to help me find myself a wife.”


Also known as, “OMG. Our semi-skanky BFF was killed so we have to curl our hair and find out who did it all while getting cute boyfriends.”


Me and Hil with Brad, the bachelor. We've decided to go on the next season and wreak havoc.


2 Comments to “guilty pleasure confession.”

  1. I just really really love the fact that you two watch The Bachelor. It’s amazing.

    Can’t wait for next year!!! Unless of course they select you to go on the show…? Could totally happen. :)


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