your mom has a blog post

Mom, today is your birthday and that is so cool.  Even though you left me to go galavant in the Big Apple, continually torturing me with picture messages of Grom gelato and news of bargain shopping, I will still dedicate and entire post for how awesome you are.

1) You gave birth to me.  I am eternally grateful.  Thanks!

2) You like to quilt and that’s pretty awesome because a lot of people can’t do that.  Indeed, you have a rare gift.  I’m also happy that you’ve extended your talent to me on several occasions.  My t-shirt quilt has completed my life.

3) Together we can take some pretty awkward pictures courtesy of Dad:


4) You’ve been a pretty good mom to me….

Laugh at my retainer/center part and I'll cut you.

… and our adorably sweet, but strangely needy dogs as well.


5) You introduced me to the joy of “The Phantom of the Opera”


6) You (and Dad) have given me so many opportunities to go to really awesome places… many with you!


New York at Christmas (three times!)

Our Beloved Florence

Beautiful Paris!


7) Our great minds clearly think alike.


8) We’ve been an unstoppable fashion force since the early days.

Sweet hat.


9) You’re a cool mom because you love Coldplay as much (if not more) than anyone my age — you even have them as your ringtone.

10) You taught me what a classy lady looks like.

We so fine.


You’re my very best friend and I’m so lucky to have such an incredible/silly/talented woman to call my mom.  Love you!!

Also, in five decades, you’ll celebrate your centennial!  Can’t wait!


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  1. aweeeee :) “like”

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