artist tuesday: vincent van gogh

I know some of my recent artists have been a little on the obscure side, so I decided to throw a curve ball and show off a more famous one today!  Mr. van Gogh.  What a legend, right?  Everyone knows his “Starry Night” painting, but there really is SO much more that he’s famous for and that I’ve grown to love him for.  In hindsight, I wish I had appreciated art more when I was 15 and in Amsterdam- home of the Vincent van Gogh Museum.  The parentals went, though, and got me a sweet poster which now hangs proudly in the Glendie dinning area, just above our old church pew.  Yes, we have a pew in our house.  Jealous?

Anyway, part of why I love his work is a certain looking-through-old-glass feel some of them have.  You know what I mean?  Some landscapes just have this swirling quality that is the coolest.  Feast your eyes and book your plane ticket to Amsterdam:


"The Starry Night"

"Wheat Field with Cypresses" (Notice old glass-like quality, yes?)


"Fishing Boats on the Beach, Saintes-Maries-De-La-Mer"

"Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers" (This is the poster I have! It's also a winner because sunflowers are my favorite flowers in the entire world.)

If this has sparked a sudden great love for van Gogh, then you should definitely look up the Don McLean song “Vincent”….. or at least the Josh Groban cover :)


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