“swamp stompin'”

On April 16th I will achieve one of many things on my life list.  I will run my first half marathon!  It’s the Dismal Swamp Stomp in Chesapeake, Va. and is supposedly very flat, which is great because I hate running up hills!  Yesterday I ran 6 miles, one of them being the Hill of Death, otherwise known as Hillsborough St.  And this morning I ran another 6, which was one of the hardest runs I’ve had in a long time.  Note to self: space my runs more effectively so as not to wheeze the last 1.5 miles.  Thanks Becca for stickin’ with me and helping me push through!  And Jesus.  Definitely wouldn’t have made it without him!

I’m also running it with some of my beautiful housemates and dear friends, Becca, Kelsey and Melissa!  That’s what I’m really looking forward to since we’re all half marathon virgins.  Except Melissa.  Oh and you guys should head over to check out Kelsey’s fly new blog toile of a mind.  Yes I stole this post’s title from her. Homegirl also ran 10 miles this morning!  Get it Kelsheeeee! Anyway, got on a little tangent there, I’m really looking forward to running it with all those lovely ladies!  “Dismal” may not be the best name for a half marathon, but apparently the course is “a spectacular wilderness journey through lush, mysterious landscape and rich history.” Intriguing.  I’ll try to keep up with training updates, but those aren’t always uber exciting.  If you want legit half marathon training take a peek at Laura’s blog, Meet Virginia. Also, in the picture below PLEASE look at the man crossing the finish line.  His evident joy almost distracts you from the minor possibility that he just ran 13.1 miles in khakis and a dress shirt.


One Comment to ““swamp stompin'””

  1. Yay! You will love it! It is soo much fun!! :)

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