artist tuesday: david atkins

I know nothing about David Atkins.  What I do know, however, is that something magical happens when this man puts oil paints to canvas.  I only discovered him because iGoogle (which I never go on) had him as their “Artist of the Day” recently.  I’m hooked.  I’m actually really sad that most of his paintings have been sold because now I can’t go admire them in a museum somewhere.  Birthday present anyone?  It seems that he is British, and, thus, most of the galleries that display his work are in England.  I deem this a legitimate reason to go to London.  Anyway, what I love most about his paintings are how tangible they are.  You can really see some of his brushstrokes and how intentional they are.  Crashing waves, rays of light, reflections.  They all flawlessly flow together to recreate what was certainly a beautiful scene to see in person.  I already love him.  Not to mention, he looks so nice in the picture on his website.  How can you not like a guy that looks that friendly?  Admire his talent:


"Breezy Day on Portland Bill"

"Rannoch Moor Autumn" (My absolute favorite.)

"Spring Light from Lark Stoke. Ilmington" (Ok, I loooove this because he is somehow able to capture those Heaven rays. Do you know what I mean?)

"Spring Rain. London"

"Summer Evening Along the River Liffey. Dublin." (I'm going to Dublin for a bit this summer and this makes me even more excited!)

"Canal at Night" (This is in Venice, therefore I adore it.)

See more of his amazing work here:


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