oh so colorful!

If you know me even remotely you have surely noticed my great love for all things colorful.

Especially pens.

So you can imagine my joy when I checked the mail Friday night and discovered that the Stabilo 88-point pens I had ordered were sitting in my little mailbox. Oh, I was giddy to be sure.

These little guys are easily my favorite pens, which is why I have about 40 of them now (not exaggerating). My four favorites dried out a while ago, so naturally I had to order the 25 pack on Amazon.  So good to have forest green, navy blue, royal blue and jade back

Aren’t they beautiful?? Oh gosh I love them. I also have markers. Go ahead, tell me I”m obsessed. I’m fully aware of this fact and embrace it regardless.  But really, these pens are incredible.  They just make everything look like art.  Plus, they are essential for my color-coding obsession.

At least I’ll make new friends because of my stylish new carrying case.


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