the infestation: part 2

What is the deal with gross/abnormally large bugs in the Glendie?  Seriously?  If you have not read of our encounter with The Flying Roach, I encourage you to go back and read it (the infestation.).  For whatever reason, little (understatement) buggies have decided once again to make themselves right at home here.  Last week all 5 of us were gathered in Kelsey’s room as she and Melissa took on a terrifying spider in her closet.  We thought that was bad but then his friend decided to invade Melissa’s room in retaliation:

WHYYYYY are you in our home???

I’m sorry to disturb you with this image.  Usually I try to keep the pictures in the happy/pretty genre, but this story (much like our first bout with The Flying Roach) needs a photo to justify my statement that this must be one of the largest spiders in the entire world- or at least North Carolina.

Fear not.  He was taken care of.  Although he was quite the scurrier, running on the floor, up the side of a box, up the wall, under the dresser and finally to his demise in the hallway.  The most memorable part of the whole experience, besides screaming unnecessarily and clinging to one another in fear, was Melissa literally flying through the air on top on top of me after she showed Mr. Big Spider who was boss.  This picture most accurately shows her face and flailing body position.


Now, imagine this flying on top of you. Love ya Melis... really, I do.

Clearly, girl power rocks at our house:

Glendie – 3

Scary Bugs – 0

Exterminator – TBD


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