About 30 minutes ago I was told of some of the greatest blendings of awesomeness ever.

J.Crew + Florence

Anthropologie + Weddings


If you know me at all, then you surely understand the utter bliss that consumed me when I discovered this. The J.Crew and Flo-Town combo is a most excellent video showing how they make their shoes in Florence.  HOW did I live there for 4 months and never know this?? Regardless, it is 4 minutes of pure happiness (in my and Rachel’s opinion at least).  Also, homegirl is totally creeped out by the old waiter at the end.  Priceless.  GO HERE:

And the perfect fusing of Anthropologie with wedding design is blowing my mind.  Seriously.  I will get no work done after they release all the goods on Valentine’s Day.  Right now, their website is painfully vague, but gives just enough lace, buttons and antique feel to confirm the greatness of this collection.  The homepage’s song is also pretty sweet.  Don’t worry, I already downloaded it. No. Shame.  Although now it’s getting kind of repetitive. Indulge yourself here:


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