ehrman project.

So I’m taking New Testament this semester, a class that is relatively notorious in Christian circles here at Carolina. The professor, Bart Ehrman, is a non-believer who, many believe, teaches the course with a strong bias towards pointing out the Bible’s flaws, errors and contradictions without giving the other side of the argument. As a historian, though, he knows his stuff, and from class so far, he is an excellent lecturer. I’ve waited to take is class for two years now so I’m pretty excited to see how it goes.

Anyway, one of my friends and a former NT student began the website “The Ehrman Project” along with several other people.  It recently launched (ie yesterday) and presents the opposing (and evangelical) views not taught by Ehrman. They’ve worked really hard on compiling information and making the site accessible, so I really encourage you to check it out. I know it will definitely be a great resource for me over the next few months as I’m sure I’ll be slammed with many “facts” that could bring a lot of doubt into what I believe. Enjoy!

Also, for your enjoyment:

Bart Ehrman on the Colbert Report


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