another year

Oh gosh.  Another year has passed and I really can’t believe it.  That picture up there is from the first moments of 2011.  So fun!  Today is the one year anniversary of when I got to Florence- can you believe it?!  Time really does fly.  2010 was easily the best, craziest, most memorable year of my life, and I hope that this year will be just as excitintg.  So, here are my goals for 2011 that I hope will aid the excellence of the next 12 months:

1. Finish reading the entire Bible.  I made it about 3/4 of the way through on my “Bible in a Year” plan… then junior year started.  In general, just read the Bible more.  I know I definitely don’t spend enough time in the Word.

2. Run a half-marathon and/or full marathon.  Neither have been achieved before, so this is a big one!

3. Get a summer internship with some kind of sweet publication.  I’m shooting for the big Apple… anyone care to join me?

4. Consistently remember to tell the people I love why they mean so much to me.

5. Enjoy the last half of junior year and attempt to not freak out when I realize that the “real world” is just around the corner.

6. Learn to play a musical instrument.  I played piano for years when I was younger, so either brush up on any outgrown talent or learn something new, like the guitar.  If you teach me, I’ll pay you in cookies.

7. Read these books: Jane Eyre, The Problem of Pain, Catch-22, The Reason for God and a smattering of the Harry Potter series.  Yes, I’ve never read a single Harry Potter book.

8. Be more consistent in blogging. Yea, this is the first post in 2 weeks.  Gotta work on that…

Those are the big ones at least!  I always say that I’ll drink more water, but that hasn’t worked out over the years.  My coffee intake is about 3 times more than my water consumption.  Probably not a good thing.  Anyway, I hope 2011 has been marvelous all you out there so far!  Also, here’s a picture of my puppy in the lovely Christmas snow.  Please, be cuter little dog.

Oh, and the Avett Brothers because their concert was one of the greatest of my life.  It was also the most painful since I stood for far longer than my feet care to.



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