long time no see

Ok, I have been quite the bad blogger. Apologies.  Anywho, life was pretty crazy for a while there with exams and I’ve been straight up lazy since I got home.  So glad to be on Christmas break!  Here are some of the uber exciting things that kept up the Christmas spirit and provided my camera some attention:

1. ATL.  Katy and I took a little excursion to Atlanta to take care of some of her visa things before she heads off to Paris next semester (jealous). It was SO cold.  Seriously.  Wind. Flurries. 25 degrees.  Very unfriendly altogether.  BUT it was my first time to ATL outside of the airport, so that was pretty exciting.  The World of Coke was also pretty exciting.  Minus the odd beverages from around the world.


2. Merry Christmas from the Glendie!  Here were the candidates for our lovely little Christmas card…

And the winner is…

Many thanks to Powerpoint.

3. General Christmas merriment.  I lost of count of all the Christmas festivities I enjoyed, but needless to say, they were very good times.  Whether fancy or tacky, Christmas parties are always fun.

Have a great Christmas!


One Comment to “long time no see”

  1. Look how handsome little Cam looks! Merry Christmas, girl!

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