dave, drew, ellie and snow

So it’s finals season here at Carolina, meaning that my time for glorious diversions like blogging is out the window.  Really cramping my style.  So, sorry for the laziness, but once Christmas break rolls around I’ll be much more committed!  In any case, some exciting things have happened recently, which is so necessary to break up the monotony of school.

1. Dave Barnes and Drew/Ellie Holcomb Concert.

Can you say amazing?  I mean I loved Dave before, but now I’m even more obsessed.  And Drew and Ellie are quite possibly the two cutest people ever.  They were all so great and I’m so glad I got to see them live finally.  It was in a fellowship hall at a church, so it was a pretty small venue where they’d have to walk through the crowd every time they left the stage.  And it was Christmasy too!  Definitely put me in the Christmas spirit even more!  Observe some new personal favorites that they performed:

2. A World of Chocoholics.

Today I finally finished and presented by map project!  It’s been this obnoxious weight over my head that’s finally gone.  So thankful!  Yes, I was that girl brought candy as part of her presentation.  Here’s the final product:

3. Christmastime.

Oh gosh it’s that amazing time of year.  The first snow.  Christmas lights.  Hot chocolate.  Elf.  Tacky sweaters.  For the next 19 days these things will consume my life, and I couldn’t be more happy!  I love the weeks leading up to Christmas because it’s just so cozy feeling.  And I’m uber sentimental so I’m on cloud 9 right now, surrounded by the Glendie’s (my house in case you didn’t know its formal title) scented candles, fire-hazardous Christmas light and stockings ranging from personalized and tiny to 4 feet long.  It’s absolutely wonderful.  Here’s some happy seasonal pictures from recently…


Awkward family portrait of our Mo-Town small group ladies!

Spontaneous dance party.  Not unusual.


I’m stressed outta my mind with school right now, but little things like these really make me so happy!  Freedom in a mere 10 days!


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