I am a cranberry lover.

If you’re surprised that it’s taken me this long to write a post about cranberries, then fear not, it has come. I waited until this precise day (Thanksgiving) to express the undying and irrational love I have for cranberry sauce and all things cranberry. Chocolate-covered, dried, tossed over salad, both still and sparkling juice. Each is flawless.

I know, my adoration is bizarre, and if I could explain why I love them, then I would, but I really can’t think of a valid reason except that I just really like them a lot. So tart and tangy.  Every Thanksgiving I’d always pile that cranberry sauce high because I thought it was it’s own dish. I was probably about 15 before I learned that it was simply a garnish for the table’s “star”, the turkey.

Whatever. In any case, my fondness grew throughout high school and I regularly drank cranberry juice with every meal. Then one day I found these:

I’ll let you imagine my excitement because it’s too embarrassingly excited to tell.  Needless to say, I was overjoyed.  “Chocolate AND cranberries??  TOGETHER????” I thought in the Target check-out line.  Less than a year later, my favorite combo was taken off then shelf, but don’t worry.  I get them at Fresh Market now (who also has a mini cranberry bog this time of year btdubs).

So, there you go.  I love cranberries.  If you look my plate in the previous post, I think my serving attests to this claim.  And that means that today is an awesome day not only because of family, a huge feast, and the inescapable food coma, but also because of that little red  side dish that I love oh so much.  Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Cranberries are also the ninja fruit, in case you didn’t know.



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