best. day. ever.

Yesterday was the best day ever. Seriously.  I’ll spare you paragraphs and give you bullets and a heavy dose of pictures- my camera took over 300!  Not too surprising, though, I suppose. Anyway, here is one of the greatest days of junior year (so far) compacted into 5 points…

1. Summit.  Such a good sermon this morning.  JD talked about God’s plan and being patient.  So many times things don’t go the way we want them too or our path takes a direction we didn’t see coming.  It’s how we react in those situations that really shows how we view God and if we truly trust Him with our crazy lives.

2. Thanksgiving. Yes, yesterday was Sunday. And, yes, Thanksgiving isn’t until Thursday.  BUT the amazing Colborn family took in about 15 hungry ladies and fed us an incredible feast.  Turkey. Mashed Potatoes.  Gravy.  Ham.  Corn pudding.  Sweet Potato Casserole.  CRANBERRY SAUCE.  I will elaborate on my love of cranberry sauce later, but really it was an amazing meal that had me, Colleen and Mary dog-piled and asleep on the couch.  Food coma.

3. Grill man.  If anybody was unfortunately in I-40 today near Durham and got caught in that horrific traffic, then I am so sorry.  We used a super high tech GPS and routed a way back to Chapel Hill without any highways.  On our way, we passed a man pushing a grill down the side of the road.  Just pushing it.  Nothing really around us to be honest, but not in the middle of nowhere either.  I was willing to pay Hilary to turn around so I could get a picture, but she refused.  It was honestly one of the funniest things I have ever seen whilst in a vehicle.

4. Photo shoot.  Yesterday was absolutely beautiful.  Perfect weather, sun, leaves, everything.  So, we decided to take advantage of the immense forest across the street from our house and have a spontaneous photo shoot!  Here is a large handful of us being woodsy models…

5. Needtobreathe.  Ok wow.  I love them so much.  Tonight was my 3rd time seeing them and they get better every time!  I saw them in Charlotte earlier this semester and it was so worth $18 to see the same show again in Durham. Ahhhh! Obsessed.

Absolutely amazing live.


I kinda want to relive yesterday again because it really was just such a great day with some really incredible people.  The post-concert euphoria is still lingering as I sit here in my (absurdly dull) feature writing class.  Hope you all have a fantastic day today!


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