oh this rainy day

I love rainy days.  When there’s a lot of them in a row, that’s not ok, but from time to time I love it when the weather’s a little dreary.  This morning I completely forgot about my 8am.  Whoops.  It’s hard waking up to rain, but somehow this morning I LOVED it.  Crazy, I know.  I am all for falling asleep to the sound of water drops hitting the leaves outside- I mean who isn’t?  So, I woke up and ate my dinosaur oatmeal, then biked down Franklin on The Forest Green Huffy in the downpour to campus.  Oh yes, I was soaked to the bone.

But really, there are so many great things happen in the rain: dancing, frolicking, splashing.  The list goes on.  Last year, Hilary, Bennett, Alyssa and I had quite possibly the greatest rain party in the history of mankind.  Observe:

Definitely one of my favorite events from last fall.  Oh, and if you’re concerned about the well-being of my camera, fear not- it’s waterproof :)  Me an Hil had another little rain party on her birthday a few weeks ago:

We ran down the street and laid in the middle of them road.  Then, ran home when we saw one of our neighbors creepily staring at us.  I also knocked down a “For Sale” sign when were spinning around.  That’s how we roll…

Aside from streetside raves that draw the attention of passing cars, there’s something just plain wonderful about rain.  When I was little, I always imagined God up there with a big jug watering his garden.  And He’s made it so beautiful too.

Our street in Florence                                                  Plop!

Oh and joyous water droplets…

P.S. I should also have you guys know that if you Google “rain,” this is one of the first pictures to come up:

Makes perfect sense, right?


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